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Today this is just a small location that has a plaque telling people about the Battle of Island No. 10 because the island no longer exists due to erosion. This battle was significant because it gave control of the Mississippi River to the Union down to Fort Pillow, TN. With the fall of Forts Henry and Donelson the Confederacy made their strong-point along the Mississippi River Island No. 10.

  • This is the picture of the monument in the state park today
  • Another Picture of the monument overlooking the park
The Battle of Island Number 10 was a key victory for the Union because it gave power to the Mississippi to the Union all the way down to Fort Pillow Tennessee.  With the fall of Fort Henry and Fort Donelson in Tennessee the Confederacy decided to make their strong point on the Mississippi River Island No. 10.  

On February 28th, 1862 the Union forces laid siege on New Madrid.  The Confederates tried to hold out launching an attack on Union forces they were bombarded and had to call off the attack.  They proceeded to try and bombard the Union forces however that also didn't work.   Coming to the conclusion that they couldn't hold onto the town the Confederate troops retreated back to Island No. 10. (1) 

 The battle that proceeded for Island No. 10 took a lot more planning.  In March of 1862 the Union was able to get two ironclad gunboats, the USS Carondelet and the USS Pittsburgh past the bombardment at Island No. 10. (2)  In April they were used to lay down cover and help troops get behind the fort to prevent the retreating of the Confederate army protecting the Island.  The Confederate troops now trapped on the Island and completely outnumbered had no choice but to surrender on April 10th 1862.  (1)

Today the site is represented not far on the main land due to the island no longer existing.  This plaque sits in a park and tells people about the events of New Madrid and Island No. 10.
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