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Griswold Cabin, located in the northeast corner of Cortland County in Cuyler, New York, was erected in approximately 1825 by David Griswold, a Connecticut native. Griswold settled in what was previously, until 1793, Truxton New York. In what is now Cuyler, New York, David settled, along with his wife, Mary Griswold, three daughters, and two sons. Around 1825, David erected and built a cabin of his own and would stay there until his death in 1853.

David Griswold was of English descent and was born in Connecticut in 1763. Griswold, along with his wife and daughter, Mary Griswold, as well as his sons Thomas and David, would move on to settle in western New York within Cortland County, more specifically Truxton, New York, in 1787.  

Griswold would enter into the American Revolution as a Patriot and Colonial helping to fight and emancipate the 13 colonies from British control. With his time serving in the military, Griswold served in the 9th Regiment and the Albany County Militia. After his time as a revolutionary soldier, he would take on the role as a pensioner of the Revolution. As a pensioner of the Revolution, David Griswold collected records of those who served in the American Revolution throughout all of the branches of the American military, consisting of the army, navy, and marines and was administered the right to pay veterans who had served during the Revolutionary War, as well as, helping support women and young children who had lost their husband and fathers to the war.

David Griswold is also responsible for the building of the first Saw Mill and Grist Mill in the area (1799-1800) on his own farm. He is also responsible for the transporting of water via dam, from Seely Creek to his neighboring land, which was more than a mile away. Surrounding Griswold and his settling in Truxton, the first schoolhouse in the area was built right in his very own neighborhood in 1800. Along with the first schoolhouse of the area, the first Presbyterian church was also built within close proximity to David's residence in 1820. David Griswold died 1853

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