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Thomas Keeney had first settled in Cuyler, NY in 1796 and built this log cabin in 1810 which was later passed down through generations of the Keeney family. Thomas Keeney had originally come from Hartford, CT where has born in 1751. Thomas Keeney lived to be almost 90 years old. He died in 1840.

Thomas Keeney was Born in Hartford, CT. Thomas was born on May 10th, 1751. He first settled at this spot in Cuyler, NY in 1796. Thomas Keeney was a Revolutionary War soldier and pensioner. He served as a private for three years under the command of Cpt. Bissell and Col. Pitkin on the Connecticut line. This allowed him to be placed on the military pension roll in 1832. Thomas had moved to Tioga, PA and passed away in 1840. He also had a son named Thomas Keeney Jr. that was born on March 22nd, 1805. Thomas Keeney Jr married Elmira Brown on November 15th, 1827. Thomas and Elmira Brown Keeney had eight children. It seems that this log cabin that had been originally built by Thomas Keeney Sr was passed down throughout time to the different generations of children. The last know record of this cabin and property still being owned by the Keeney's is that of Thomas Keeney's great-great-great grandsons named Arthur and Allen.

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