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There is nothing quite like hearing history from someone who experienced it first hand. Jean Evansmore's DuBois on Main is an educational non-profit museum featuring the local history of DuBois High School, which was one of the two all black high schools in Fayette County prior to integration. This museum is truly a treasure chest full of history surrounding the education in Mt.Hope, WV. You are guaranteed to have a unique experience just by stepping foot in the door, and will leave with a new perspective and knowledge on segregation and integration in Fayette County.

DuBois High School in Mt.Hope has an extremely intriguing history, and DuBois on Main Museum focuses on the preservation of this story. 
The idea for DuBois on Main Museum was created during a reunion for all classes of DuBois High School that took place in the late '90s. Since then a collection of newspapers, articles, pictures, and other unique memorabilia has been donated and is now displayed in this unique boutique of a museum. Honestly, you have never experienced a museum like this. The owner, Jean Evansmore, is sure to give you the ultimate experience as she takes you on a historical journey into the past of DuBois High School. She is beyond passionate about the preservation of DuBois High School, and you would be doing yourself a disservice to miss an opportunity like this.

After visiting Jean at the museum, please search the following locations related to DuBois High School on Clio: 1st and Original site of DuBois High School (1917-1950), and Mt. Hope High School, which was originally the new DuBois High School (1954-1956). 

You can become a member of the DuBois on Main Museum for an annual fee of $10.00. This fee entitles you to: one news letter update, and a copy of the annual report received by e-mail and attendance at the annual meeting in October or date determined by the board of directors. Just to clarify....It was not a reunion for the class of 1953 was the DuBois High School reunion. It was the 1953 class members that caught my attention as there were so many in attendance and they shared such interesting stories. Thank you. JEvansmore