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Jackie Robinson was a highly talented man. He had several accomplishments during his lifetime, both in and out of sports. His career brought many changes to the United States. Robinson was able to help integrate sports, opening the door of opportunities to other African American players. Not only did he help bring equality to baseball, but he fought to bring change in society as well.

Jackie Robinson is highly known for his role in breaking the color barrier in baseball. He performed with some of the highest stats in his time, breaking record, earning awards, and winning championships. During his career he had a .311 batting average, 137 home runs, 734 runs batted in, and 197 stolen bases. Not only did he break barriers in sports, he helped break down some barriers in the real world as well. Jackie became one of great, many leaders in the Civil Rights Movement. He used his fame to bring attention to and further push for change in the United States.

The Jackie Robinson Museum will carry on the legacy of the fallen hero. After breaking the color barrier in baseball, Jackie worked to further push for equality for African American citizenship. The museum consists of all of Jackie's history from 1919 to the present. It is designed for people of all ages, giving them an insight to the history of sports and civil rights through Robinson's experiences. Visiting this museum gives you the opportunity to relive key moments in Jackie's life through interactive, medias, artifacts, and narratives.

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