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The Evans City Historical Society Museum displays historical information, artifacts, photographs, and documents to the public so they may learn about Evans City and the Butler County area. The museum is currently staffed by society members who volunteer their time and love to share their city's history with out-of-town guests.

  • Evans City Historical Society Museum
  • Entrance to the historical society's museum.
  • Marker commemorating the filming of Night of the Living Dead in Evans City in 1968.

The Evans City Historical Society began as a division of the Evans City Library in 1986.  Out of growing interest and a desire to share their local history with others, the historical society was established as an independent organization in February 1988 that began as a division of the Evans City Library in 1986. 

The museum features artifacts and memorabilia from the area's oil boom of 1915-1917 and its railroads.  It also houses information on local families, education and cultural events.  Many of its holdings were donated by local residents.  The museum also sponsors a regular speakers series such as a recent one entitled Pittsburgh's Strip District which was presented by a historian from the Heinz History Center.

Located in Butler County, Pennsylvania, Evans City rests along Breakneck Creek and has a long and interesting history.  Until settlers began coming to the area in 1710, the Evans City area was home to the Delaware Indians.  However, the area might be best known as the site of the filming of the Hollywood cult classic, Night of the Living Dead in 1968.  The Evans City Cemetery chapel was featured in the film's opening scene.

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