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The Boston House was owned and built by William T. Jones in the early 1900s. It is located in Downtown Fort Pierce and was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places due to its Neo-classical and Georgian architectures. It is also part of the local history in the city as Jones was an engineer for Henry Flagler’s Florida East Coast Railway.


Cresthaven (“The Boston House”), St. Lucie Historical Society. Accessed February 27th 2020.

-This website discusses the basic information about the Boston House. I will use information from the side such as: William T. Jones being a professional engineer for the Florida East Coast Railway, how he gained money for the cost of construction of $6,000 for the house, and the Neo-classical and Georgian Architecture of the historical house.

Janensch, Paul. Historic, Haunted Boston House, THE WQCS NEWSROOM. Accessed February 27th 2020.

-In this published essay there is an explanation on what the house is today. The information that I will use is about the occupation of the house today as a law office. There is also a part in the site that explains a story about the house as well.

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