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The Woodlawn cemetery is a very large and beautiful cemetery located in Gotha, Florida, just outside of Orlando. There are many famous people buried in Central Florida, one of the locations for this is the Woodlawn cemetery. The historical relevance of this cemetery is that it is where Bob Ross’ grave is located. This makes the location a historical landmark. Bob Ross being a famous painter that brought joy to others through his paintings and show on PBS, allows this location to be very significant. Ross died at the age of 52 on July 4, 1995, and his plaque reads "Bob Ross; Television Artist".

This image shows the love many still have for the late Bob Ross, and the gifting of art supplies of his grave.

This image shows the love many still have for the late Bob Ross, and the gifting of art supplies of his grave.

Bob Ross continues to be influential even today. His grave is visited with frequency and often can be found with art supplies. His instructional television program that aired from 1983 to 1994 on PBS. Many famous people are buried in Central Florida. Bob Ross lived in Daytona Beach and was raised in Orlando. The Woodlawn Cemetery has a memorial park for the deceased. Bob Ross has a historical symbol on google maps, presenting the importance of his grave. Bob Ross is known as one of the most wholesome people to ever exist. His death brought many to sadness and to have his grave be of historical significance allows people to visit and learn more about him.

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  • The article, the category of this source, was written by blog member Iola, is a biography for the artist and television personality, Bob Ross. The memorial section follows Ross’ life and the events that influenced him to become the serene artist from Florida, this is important to know how he became the influential artist he still is today. Full name, Robert Norman Ross, he became a very influential aspect of American Pop culture, and many attributes of this are discussed in the article. Included in this, Iola provided the place of burial and the exact location including the plot as Section O, Lot 537. Included is a picture of the gravesite with arrows pointing to the area. This article is historically significant in that included is secondary content of the life of Bob Ross and the location of his burial.

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  • Rachael Heacock’s “You Can Actually Visit Bob Ross' Grave Near Orlando And It's A Happy Little Place” follows Bob Ross’ life and how him being from Florida is something many Floridians are proud of. Categorized as an article, it proceeds to discuss his life events and how he came to love nature. Following his death and the events that led up to it, Heacock goes on to introduce the artist’s place of burial. Concluding to a 20 minute drive from Orlando, the author continues to describe exactly how to reach the gravesite in depth, following a statue and counting 8 rows from it. This is important to be able to find the site and know an in-depth history of Bob Ross. She also includes the items that are left from fans that continue to look at Bob Ross as an inspiration. In conclusion to the article, included is information about the cemetery including it being 24 hours open, the address, and a reason to go including to pay respects. This article was a primary article of someone visiting the gravesite, as Heacock went to the cemetery herself, and a secondary article on the bibliography of the famous artist.