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The German Underground hospital is but the largest WW2 structure in the Channel islands and is also the largest tunnel system in the Channel islands as well so come visit Guernsey to venture through the abandon and mysterious tunnels of the underground hospital and after come visit the ammunition wing, then the gift shop.

The underground hospital was made for a in battle hospital for WW2 construction started in early 1943 and was never finished. The structure itself is the largest structure in the Channel Islands made in WW2, overall it is 75,000² feet. The structure was also originally an ammunition store but then became half hospital and half ammunition store. If you were thinking of going there you need to be aware that the hospital is only open from April to October. Although be aware that there is always a damp feeling and water dropping from the celling and also some creepy dummies along the way excavating the rock from the places that were never finished. Inside it has a kitchen for the old victims and central heating! Inside there was also a train track to take out the ammunition. How may escape routes were there? There were three ladders located in the underground structure, two located in the underground hospital and one in the ammunition wing, the escape routes were all climbable ones, two ladders and one staircase, both the ladders being tall, rusty, and unsafe.