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The former Wilson Hotel is a historic building erected in 1890 (an addition was built in 1926) by David Wilson, a businessman based in Tacoma. It is significant for its architecture and association with a period when Anacortes was experiencing prosperity and growth. It is located on Commercial Street, which was and continues to be the city's main commercial thoroughfare. The three-story building features a red-brick facade and was designed combining the Romanesque Revival and Commercial architectural styles. Interesting features include arched windows and decorative brickwork. Today, retail establishments occupy the first floor and the rest of the building is used as low-income housing. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2004.

The Former Wilson Hotel has been a landmark in Anacortes since it was built in 1890.

The Former Wilson Hotel has been a landmark in Anacortes since it was built in 1890.

During the late 19th century, the Northwest was developing fairly quickly. In the area around Fidalgo Island, settlers started to arrive in the late 1850s after the U.S. Congress passed the Oregon Donation Land Claim Act, which offered a few hundred acres of free land to single and married men in what was then the Oregon Territory (it encompassed present-day Oregon, Washington, Utah and part of Montana). In the early 1870s, the various communities along the coast were anticipating the possible arrival of the Northern Pacific Railroad, which was being built westward across the country from Minnesota to Washington. Fidalgo Island and the other communities attracted speculators who sought to develop them in order to convince Northern Pacific to select them as the terminus site. Northern Pacific didn't announce where the terminus of the railroad would be until 1873 (it started building tracks in 1870) when it chose Tacoma, where it finally arrived in 1883.

Railroads didn't reach Fidalgo Island until the 1890s. In anticipation of its arrival, the land where Anacortes is now was cleared and the town was platted (it was officially incorporated in 1891). Buildings, including the Wilson Hotel, were constructed at this time. Within a year, Anacortes was well established with graded streets, stores, saw mills, banks, and other businesses. The Wilson Hotel was thought to be one of the best hotels north of Seattle and a popular place for visitors. David Wilson built two other buildings in Anacortes but they no longer exist.

In the coming decades, a variety of businesses and establishments occupied the building on the first floor. These include saloons, restaurants and a number of different stores. The upper floors were used as a hotel or rooming house at different times; they were also vacant for periods of times as well. It was converted into low-income housing in the mid-200s. Despite its many changes in usage, the former Wilson Hotel has remained an important landmark, symbolizing the city's early period of significant growth.

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