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The Town of Huron owns and maintains three historic buildings: The 1849 Old Town Hall - Huron History Center/Museum; the 1884 fraternal meeting house, the Huron Grange; and the 1871 Dayton Mills Schoolhouse. The History Center/Museum hosts exhibits containing artifacts of the mid-19-century through mid-20th-century themes of agriculture, recreation, and domestic goods, as well as having a room dedicated to the local bays, creeks, and Lake Ontario. The museum and other buildings are open in conjunction with the Huron Presbyterian Church rummage sales during the summer or by appointment. The town hosts "Huron Day" each September, which is organized to celebrate the heritage, arts and crafts, community groups, and people of the area. For more information on Historic Huron, visit the historian's website at or on Facebook at Historic Huron, NY.