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The Pointe Coupee Veteran’s Memorial is a memorial in small town New Roads, Louisiana. Dedicated in 2016, this memorial contains over 1,800 bricks, each dedicated to a veteran. Retired U.S. Army combat engineer, George Miller, approached the Pointe Coupee Hospital board in 2011 and asked for a 60-square-foot plot of land. Once given the land, Miller sold bricks in honor or memory or service members, in hopes to raise $160,00 to fund this project. His goal was to sell at least 600 bricks, and he easily sold double his goal. Through his efforts, now stands the Pointe Coupee Veterans Memorial.

The monument stands on False River Dr., New Roads, on the hospital grounds. The purpose of the monument is to serve as a way to pay our respects to every branch of the military. It is “in honor” or “in memory” of those who have/are serving. Those who have served/are serving can be honored by having their name, branch, and the war they served/are serving in be put on a brick, which is incorporated in the monument. It features 6 four-feet tall granite stones that represent the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marines.

 The unique part of this monument is that it includes the Merchant Marines, which most monuments do not include. Miller wanted to incorporate the Merchant Marines because the Merchant Marines lost more people than anyone else. The U.S. Merchant Marines served on ships that brought supplies to Vietnam during “The War Without a Front.” They were sent on these supply ships, which were not equipped with any defense. For this reason Miller wanted to ensure the incorporation of the Merchant Marines.  

The monument also includes flags for every branch of the military. Another flagpole is included that represents those missing in action or prisoners of war for every branch of the military.