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The Washington Oaks Gardens State Park is located in Palm Coast, Florida. The park is most famous for its formal gardens, and it preserves the original habitat of a northeast Florida barrier island. The park has many amenities like the beach, hiking, picnicking areas, fishing and wild life viewing.

The Washington Oaks Gardens State Park was owned by Louis and Owen Young who purchased the land in 1936 and they built a winter retirement park.They named it Washington Oaks in 1965, then donated most of the property to the state of Florida. The park has had many different owners including a distant relative of President Washington. The parks land has rich history. Before any Europeans reached Florida there were Native Americans who went there to hunt, fish and collect shellfish. Several French, Spanish, and English groups passed through the area bu the first documented settlement by Europeans was in 1770.

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This article talks about the whole history of Washington Oaks Gardens State Park and also goes into what you can find there today. The land of the park has been used by many different civilizations for hunting and collecting purposes, but today it is used as a place where you can fish, hike, picnic, and go to the beach.

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This article gives a brief history of the Washington Oaks Gardens State Park. It also goes into detail of the kind of flowers, vegetation, and wildlife is in the area. The park is very well known for its formal gardens and the preservation of its natural habitat