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The library at UCF was built in 1968. This was an important period of growth for the school making local history. Also, it is currently getting a new upgrade. Providing a place for students to study, relax, and get to know new friends, the library is a great resource for all students.

  • View of John C. Hitt from the Reflection Pond
  • The inside of John C. Hitt
  • The plan for the library update

The John C. Hitt Library was built during the first few years of UCF’s time as a university. Over many years this space has served as a resource for students to use. Still holding many pieces of history, the library is currently being renovated. The library was the very first building constructed on campus.


John C. Hitt library was named after President John C. Hitt. He served as president for 25 years. During his time, the university nearly tripled in size. He took a small school and transformed many programs along with the campus.


After many years of serving the UCF campus, the library is currently being renovated. As the campus has grown, the library has seemed to get smaller. The new updates will allow many more students to enjoy the library. These changes will allow many students to continue using this landmark for years to come. 

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The John C. Hitt Library website contains vital information about this landmark. There is a brief history on the library and how it began. Also, there are plenty of smaller links to explore. Among the smaller links one can find information about the contents of the library. There are also pages containing events happening. As a large school with students around the country attending, this site allows many to continue to access the resources the library provides from anywhere. There are also many resources so that students do not need to come in person to gather sources.

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This source explains the impact UCF libraries have across central Florida. Not only has the John C. Hitt Library impacted students, but also the community. This provides an outline for all that the library provides. Along with an outline, this source provides many with an inside look at how much this library provides.

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This source provides insight from a local news station about the history of UCF. More specifically, the history of the UCF Spirit Splash. This event takes place in the Reflection Pond outside of the John C. Hitt library. Many traditions take place in and near the library. 

Glenn, Caroline. “UCF's President John C. Hitt Retiring in 2018.” Florida Today, Florida Today, 24 Oct. 2017, 

This article provides more information about who the library is named after. John C. Hitt was very influential during his time at UCF. So influential that the library was named after him. He will leave a legacy for many years to come. He has done mant great things for UCF and continues to do.


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This article from 2016 provides an outline of what the plans for the library expansion entail. It breaks down how the library was at the time. It also describes the upcoming changes. These changes will allow more students to use the resources the library provides while remaining comfortable.

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