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The Latimer House of Wilmington North Carolina is a treasure among historians and locals alike. Walking through the doors of this beautiful home, which has been converted into a museum, will take you back in time to the Victorian Era and allow visitors to experience what life was like for the southern wealthy families that occupied the Cape Fear Region. Visitors can enjoy an fully guided tour of both the interior and exterior of the house along with enjoying the beautiful grounds and gardens of Latimer House. (Latimer House Museums and Gardens)

The Latimer house is a four story home built by Zebulon Latimer in the year 1852. The home was built in the traditional italianate style and features a perfectly symmetrical design on both the inside and the outside. Three generations of the Latimer family resided in the home until it was handed over to the Lower Cape Fear Historical Society and turned into a museum for public access in 1963. 

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As a museum, the house displays over 600 original era relics placed seamlessly throughout its 14 rooms. While some of the lighting has been updated to fit modern needs, the chandeliers and fireplace are still original to the home.The gardens featured on the grounds are protected by wide walls and also only feature plants which were popular during the Victorian era and visitors can walk through these pristine gardens on their way to the servant quarters located in the side yard of the home. Keeping the historical nature of the home(both interior and exterior) intact allows for viewers to have the opportunity to walk back in time to experience the Latimer House as it would have been in the beautiful Victorian era.

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