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Mapleton, also known as Alumnae House, is one of the few surviving suburban villas in that area of North Broadway in White Plains. Mapleton was built in the Second Empire and Italianate style and while it's use changed with each subsequent owner, its exterior appearance remains intact. Mapleton was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1976 because of its outstanding history and architecture.

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Mapleton is a historic house located at 52 North Broadway, White Plains, New York, that was built in 1867. Designed by John G. Prague, the house of Mapleton was first purchased by William Franklin Dusenberry that year in 1867. Dusenberry's family came from an old Dutch lineage in New York that established a successful carriage-making business. (1)

In 1867, when Mapleton was built, Dusenberry built a country home on a 14-acre site next to his home on North Broadway. In 1884 Dusenberry sold his house to Nathan Hand. Nathan Hand gained his wealth in manufacturing palm leaf hats in Massachusetts and was the owner of a marble quarry in Vermont. (1)

After owning Mapleton for a decade Hand sold the White Plains estate to Mother Mary Veronica who was the founder of the Sisters of the Divine Compassion. Mapleton was used as a convent until it was established as the College of White Plains in 1925. Later on, Mapleton was used as a dormitory, then a library, and afterwards an administrative office building for the college institution. (2)

Mapleton is one of the few surviving suburban villas in the area that was built there at the time. Because of Mapleton's unique architecture and history it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1976. (2)

Mapleton is a 2 and a half story five bay residence with Second Empire and Italianate style design details. The house features a central pavilion tower with a small dome, and a mansard roof with slate tiles. (1)

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