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Jospeh parker Barker was born to Joshua and Clarissa Baker in 1864. Joseph started his professional life as a school teacher. He had this position for seven years before entering the field of medicine. He started by apprenticing under Dr. Anson Hurd was the oldest physician in the area at the time. Joseph studied for three years and entered medical school in 1881. he did very well in school, and he opened an office in Findlay as a general practice physician . Joseph married Harriet "Hattie" Schcwart in 1892. While they did not have any children, they were extremely active in the community. Harriet was an artist and studies at the Cleveland School of Arts.

William Altmeyer purchased the home from Harriet's estate in 1952. He moved to Findlay from McKeesport, Pennsylvania in 1900. He was the president of the Krantz Brewing Company until it merged with International Brewers Inc. He also owned the Altmeyer Hotel until it became the Fort Findlay Hotel.