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The National Museum of Mexican and Art, located in Pilsen, is open Tuesday-Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM and closed on Mondays. The museum displays various exhibitions of past and present Mexican history and art. With so much pride and history the museum holds, it has become an essential institution in Pilsen to visit.

Carlos Tortolero

Carlos Tortolero

Discover ideas about Mexican Art

Discover ideas about Mexican Art


The National Museum of Mexican Art opened for operation in 1987. Carlos Tortolero and a group of educators came together to make this institution come alive. Their goal was to express Mexican history and art in the Latino neighborhood since many institutions in and around the neighborhood did not offer Mexican history at the time. With great passion and dedication, they were able to expand the institution and create it the way that is has become today.

Carlos Tortolero was an educator working with Chicago Public Schools. According to the El Museo Reimaginado, “He has served on numerous boards including the University of Illinois, the American Alliance of Museums, the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, the Smithsonian Latino Center, the Illinois Humanities Council, and Choose Chicago” [1]. With such a diverse and advanced background, there could have not been a better individual to represent the Museum of Mexican and Art.

Museum Today

Not only does it display work from Mexico but Mexican art and history in the United States as well. It displays exhibits including immigration and present-day news that many scholars and educators create in some form of art. Nonetheless, the Museum of Mexican and Art brings the community together. It offers programs for schools, teens, and families. There are also special events the museum hosts and opportunities for guests to book an event at the museum as well. With its diverse atmosphere, it welcomes many people from different backgrounds to the museum to learn about Mexican history.

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