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In the deep south in the heart of the struggle for the Civil Rights movement there is a Cemetery in Selma, Alabama that houses several people of distinction. A former Vice President of the United States and two United States Senators who were also Generals with the Confederacy. Along with several other men of distinction the commander of the Virginia during one of the significant Naval battles during the Civil War. There is also a Confederate Monument and Memorial in the Cemetery.

  • Willam Rufus King Gravesite
  • Marker at the Live Oak Cemetery
Every town or city has a cemetery that is held close to somebodies heart because of loved ones final resting places. However not every cemetery holds a body of somebody that is nationally knew. The case with Live Oak Cemetery is that it holds many people of distinction including a former Vice President of the United States. Along with two former United States Senators who served in the Confederacy. The Cemetery was erected as a State historic place in 1972.

William Rufus King a former Vice President of the United States who was the 13th Vice President serving only 6 weeks prior to his death in office. John Tyler Morgan  and Edmund Winston Pettus both were former United States Senators along with a former Brigadier Generals with the Confederacy. Nathaniel Dawson who was the U.S. Commissioner of Education. William Hardee Lt. General with the confederacy also an author of the book Hardees Tactics. Catesby ap Roger Jones a commander with the Confederacy Navy who commanded the CSS Virginia. Lastly Robert Barnwell Episcopal Bishop of Alabama.

The cemetery is a must see for anybody that enjoys historic places. There is a historic marker outside of the cemetery marking the location of it. There is special tombs and markers over the locations of the historic people inside of the cemetery . A special memorial was erected inside the cemetery for the confederacy soldiers in the Confederate Monument and Memorial located inside the cemetery. There are two sections to the cemetery left and right that are older and newer sections.