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The William J. Greenman House was built in 1896 and this two story home was based off a book designed by George Franklin Barber. William J. Greenman was the former president of The Cortland Door and Window Screen Co during the late 1800s. This beautiful house located in Cortland, New York and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2011 to preserve it's beauty.

William J. Greenman House

William J. Greenman House

Almost ten years prior to the building of the William J. Greenman house, The Cortland Door and Window Screen Company was created and organized in the spring of 1887 by than president William J. Greenman. This company was one of the largest producers in the United States and shipped all around the country. W. J. Greenman's partner and secretary during this time was E. M. Hulbert and Hulbert helped Greeman grow this once small manufacturing company into a country wide industry.

This house was based off the designs found in American Homes by George Franklin Barber. The house sit on a large city lot and is surrounded by dozens of beautiful flowers. This is two story house is filled with wonderful features both inside and outside including a porch that wraps around the house. The Greenman house includes a library, large living room and several other rooms. The porch is designed to the tee with amazing wood trim and beautiful tall columns. This house is a beautiful piece of history and deserves to be saved.

The Cortland Door and Window Screen Company did wonders for the city of Cortland they not only provided the people of Cortland with door and screens. The company also created jobs for the people of Cortland and helped lower unemployment. Finally, this company led by W. J. Greenman brought create wealth and success to the City of Cortland.

The William J. Greenman's house was built by George Franklin Barber who based his design off a architect book. W. J. Greenman used supplies from his own business to decorate and finish his house. The William J. Greenman's house is one of many historic homes in Cortland, NY and should be preserved at all cost.

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Photo by Elizabeth Wavle-Brown, Assistant Director, Cortland County Historical Society and City of Cortland Historian, © 2017. All rights reserved.