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Robert E. Clark; Born 6 Apr 1897 – Scottown, OH; Died 5 Oct 1918 – Camp Sherman, OH; 25th Co., 7th Training Battalion, 158th Depot Brigade, Camp Sherman – US Army

Memorial Boulevard Sign

Memorial Boulevard Sign

Robert Elmer Clark was born on April 6th, 1897, in Scottown, Ohio, to Robert and Ann Clark. He lived in Chesapeake, Ohio, and entered service on September 4th, 1918. He was sent to Camp Sherman, Ohio, and assigned as a Private, serial number 3857352, to the 25th Company of the 7th Training Battalion, 158th Depot Brigade. He caught influenza and developed pneumonia, dying at 6:30 AM on October 5th, 1918, in Ward 19 of the Camp Sherman Base Hospital. He was buried on October 7th, 1918, in Perkins Ridge Cemetery, Greasy Ridge, Ohio.

[From In the Service of Their Country - used with permission of the author]

Woodard, Benjamin. In the Service of Their Country: The Story of the Soldiers from Cabell County, West Virginia, Who Gave the Ultimate Sacrifice in the Great War. Sixth Printing. Benjamin Woodard - Lulu, 2019.

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Author - Benjamin Woodard