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This is the Library (Images 1 & 2). The Lougheeds’ love of books was well known. In fact, it was said that by the time the Calgary Public Library opened in 1912, the family already had one of the finest private libraries in the West. As part of the 1907 expansion, the Lougheed’s Library included a fireplace and built-in bookcases with sliding glass doors. In addition to his impressive law library, Sir James (Image 3) kept books of every description, and the family was known to give out books by Shakespeare as wedding gifts. Then, in 1938, the library practically vanished. Following the death of Lady Lougheed (Image 4), the entire collection of several hundred books was sold at auction for a mere 22 dollars.

  • Image 1, Library, 2020
  • Image 2, Library, 2020
  • Image 3, Hon. James Alexander Lougheed, Minister Without Portfolio, 1909
  • Image 4, Lady Isabella Lougheed Reading, N.D.
  • Image 5, Ballroom, 2020
  • Image 6 Ballroom, 2020
  • Image 7, Dorothy Lougheed, c. 1920s

This is the Ballroom (Images 5 & 6).

The Lougheeds led a busy social life, and that required a space for activities like dancing. So it was in 1907 that much of the home’s basement was transformed into a ballroom.

The family hosted its annual New Year’s Day Levee in this room, as well as numerous other social functions. In 1914, the Morning Albertan newspaper reported that “the much talked-of tango was the anticipated feature of Mrs. Lougheed’s dansant Saturday afternoon for her daughter, Miss Dorothy (Image 7).”

Keeping guests entertained in the ballroom also meant getting refreshments to them from upstairs. At the south end of the room, a window opening in the wall acted as a pass-through to transfer food and drinks from the kitchen staff to the servants.

Dances are still held occasionally in the ballroom, which today serves double-duty as a gallery.


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