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For Institutions

We want to help you achieve your mission as a historical and cultural institution. These resources can provide guidance and suggestions for using Clio to share what you have with the public.

With Clio, you can develop a variety of projects that incorporate Clio entries and tours into your programs, exhibits, and traditional tours.

Where Do I Start?

1. Sign Up for a free Institution Account

2. Make a list of entries you want to create or edit.

3. Gather a team of people to work on entries.

4. Share your finished product with marketing materials and press releases.

Institution Accounts

Institution Accounts allow nonprofits to create entries and tours.

Institution Accounts have two logins.

1. The Admin Login for the person who will oversee and approve entries.

2. The Group Login for anyone who is contributing content for your organization, including interested staff, volunteers, and members. You can share this password among your Clio team.

Success Stories

Check out what other institutions have done with Clio!

Arts Monongahela teamed with students at WVU to create the West Virginia Women's History Trail to accompany an exhibit of women artists
WVU Libraries and students in the History Department curated an exhibit on the Sunnyside neighborhood in Morgantown. They created Clio tours for visitors to continue exploring the neighborhood's history.

We love to hear from institutions! Reach out to us if you have questions, ideas, or simply want to share what you have done with Clio.