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The J.W. Black Lumber Company got its start by J.W. Black in 1894 and was in operation for 123 years up until their closer was announced in 2018. Although the lumber mill has closed, the J.W. Black Lumber Company still exist and they manage Black's Building Center in downtown Corning.

J.W. Black Lumber Barn in 2019

J.W. Black Lumber Barn in 2019

The J.W. Black Lumber Company was a long-standing business in Corning. In 1894 J.W. Black arrived in Corning on a chartered rail boxcar and a year later would begin his business endeavor. When the company was established it was called Black and Arnold Lumber company, but this would eventually be changed to the J.W. Black Lumber Company. The location of the lumber mill was in between the railroad and Corning Lake. The lumber mill was in full operation until 2018 when their closure was announced after 123 years of service. This lumber barn is located next to the Black's Building Center which is still in operation today. This barn was built to store livestock, but now stores lumber. This building is reminder of an earlier time in Corning’s history when forestry was a viable source for the economy.

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