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Living Monuments

Created by Cherie Wan on November 24th 2019, 10:28:37 pm.

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The well-established practice of recording “significant” moments of history has created the long- standing tradition of monuments in the United States. Although one may argue the extent to which these monuments have recorded a collective memory of what we deem as “significant” moments, it is no doubt that our understanding of history often correspond to these figures propped-up all over our urban landscape. With such heavy importance placed on the shoulders of these monuments, is our reading of them established by recognizing the generic conditions of a figure perched-up on a pedestal? Or can our understanding be further provoked when these conventions are interrogated? My investigation seeks to intimidate our conventional understanding of monuments and the extent to which these conventions have been challenged to a point where it is no longer just a memorial placed in space, but rather one that embraces the dynamic nature of which our city has been designed to be and evolves along with it.