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Creative Outlets is funded through the Lyons Community Foundation. The purpose is to take mundane community necessities, such as utility boxes, and turn them into works of art.

Graffiti, Wood, Art, Sky

Black, Carnivore, Grey, Whiskers

Wood, Sky, Tree, Rectangle

Wood, Rectangle, Wood stain, Hardwood

This utility box was the first addition to Lyons Creative Outlets program. In the years since, the Lyons Arts and Humanities Commission has had four additional boxes painted in the community. The commission strives to find local artists who can turn the community's utility boxes into unique, engaging works of art.

"For this project, I choose a raccoons and sunflowers, with a 3D look, so that from one angle, it will look like the raccoons are inside the crate. It will blend with the area, and the box would be painted on all sides to look like a crate, and I would continue the sunflowers around the sides, to soften the look of the crate." - Jennifer Chapparo