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Danville Virginia Walking Tour
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In 1886, Danville’s first trolleys used mule power. After two years, electrically operated vehicles replaced this primitive public conveyance. Later, still using the green and cream color scheme, modern streamlined vehicles supplanted open cars and in 1938, gasoline-powered buses replaced the iron-wheeled trolleys, bringing a nostalgic era to an end. Likenesses featured are Walter Gunn assisting wife, Gail, down the steps as young Andrew Preston Saunders climbs aboard. In the right inset are Mary and K. D. Williams, founders of Mary’s Diner. In the stroller at left is Jesse Brooks. The mural, created by artist Wes Hardin, can be seen at the corner of Spring and N. Union Street at the City's transportation hub

Transportation Mural

Transportation Mural
Historic Murals of Danville - Transportation. Virginia is for Lovers. Accessed May 12, 2017.