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Driving-Tour of Queens Museums Selected by Public History Students of St. John's University

Created by Ryan McDonnell on September 14th 2020, 7:10:44 pm.

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People all over the world come to NYC to visit its museums and cultural sites. Most understandably devote their time to the institutions in Manhattan, overlooking the outer boroughs. Students in U.S. History Museums and Historic Sites, a core course in the St. John’s University Public History curriculum, studied the origins and current mission of museums in Queens. The students were instructed to select a favorite site and compile helpful information for prospective visitors. While many of the entries in this tour were created by other users on, the Lewis Latimer House Museum and MoMA PS1 were created based on information submitted by the students in the course during the Spring 2020 semester. Each semester the course is held, more sites will be incorporated into the tour. We encourage users to leave any comments or feedback that might be helpful in creating an ideal site tour of Queens. The tour currently features two house museums related to African American history, the Queens Museum which includes art and history of the World's Fairs of 1939 (including the Panorama) and 1964-65, art museums with a wide range of collections, and other fascinating cultural institutions which make Queens a must visit. We hope you enjoy this tour of several wonderful institutions found in the borough of Queens.