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Lord Dunmore's War (1774) Virtual Heritage Trail

Created by Zachery Cowsert on September 16th 2020, 1:19:26 am.

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This heritage tour allows you to virtually visit the many historic sites relating to Lord Dunmore’s War. Fought in 1774 immediately prior to the outbreak of the American Revolution, Lord Dunmore’s War pitted Native American tribes like the Shawnee, Delaware, and Mingo against encroaching Virginia settlers for control over the Ohio River Valley. The conflict began with attacks on Indians and settlers along the Ohio River and culminated in the decisive Battle of Point Pleasant on October 10, 1774. The defeated Native tribes were forced to cede land south & east of the Ohio River at the Treaty of Camp Charlotte. Immediately following the war, Virginia militiamen announced the Fort Gower Resolves, expressing their willingness to use force against Great Britain to ensure their rights, foreshadowing the coming American Revolution.