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Martha Sanders, the widow of William Sanders, settled on Mud River when the region was still in Kanawha County, VA. As her son Sampson's guardian, Martha purchased land in Cabell County and was the richest woman in the area. She lived out her life on the farm lying on both Mud River and the James River Turnpike as was buried on the hill overlooking the old home site.

Martha Green Sanders was born east of the Blue Ridge in Loundon County, VA about 1760. She married William Sanders in 1782 and followed him west across the Virginia frontier. By 1800, Martha, her two children and several slaves had moved into North Carolina and Tennessee with her husband's business deals. Murder, death and business called the family to Kanawha County, VA where her husband William died in 1802. Martha became her husband's administer and acted as guardian to her son, Sampson, until he became of age. She purchased land in her own name, cleared and managed farm land and was a force in early Cabell County.

Cabell County Deed Books

Kanawha County Deed Books

Eldridge, Carrie: Cabell County's Empire for Freedom, the Manumission of Sampson Sanders Slaves

Eldridge, Carrie: Cabell County Cemeteries, Volume II

Fred Lambert Collection, Morrow Library, Marshall University, Huntington, WV.

Federal Census 1830