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History of Greenwich Village Walking Tour

Created by Clio Admin on November 16th 2020, 12:06:58 am.

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This winding walk through New York's Greenwich Village includes historic bookstores, studios, nightclubs, churches, and homes of influential authors, activists, and artists. Highlights of the tour include iconic establishments like the Village Vanguard and stops at former and current landmarks related to LGBTQ history such as the Stonewall Inn as well as the site of Cafe Society, one of the few truly integrated nightclubs in the city and the site where Billie Holiday debuted "Strange Fruit," one of the most stirring and significant protest songs in American history. Many of the stops on this tour are not currently designated by historical markers, and the hope is that this tour will help build more awareness of the influence of Greenwich Village residents such as Jane Jacobs, an activist who challenged urban renewal and Thomas Paine, a revolutionary patriot whose work Common Sense inspired many of the nation's early leaders.