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Heart of Downtown Charleston WV Public Art Tour
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Creative Placemaking is a paint on brick mural created 2017-2018. The mural was designed by Dan Fenelon, member of the organization also named Creative Placemaking. Creative Placemaking focuses on revitalizing and improving communities through public art and other beautification projects. Fenelon was inspired to sketch the design after a brainstorming session with the group. The work attempts to capture the multifaceted identity of Charleston through words and images. In this way, it serves as not only a representation of what Charleston is, but also what Fenelon hopes it might become. The mural was commissioned by Creative Placemaking to enhance a nondescript wall that, at the time, bordered Collage, a vintage shop. Jamie Miller, an artist and owner of Collage, executed a personal version of Fenelon's design. The finished mural measures twelve feet by fifteen feet.

Dan Fenelon's original drawn design for the mural.

Yellow, Text, Font, Illustration

Jamie Miller's completed mural.

Art, Teal, Paint, Graffiti

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