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Quiet Elements is a functional steel bike rack painted red. The work was created in 2011 by Jeff Fetty, one of West Virginia's most internationally renowned artists. Fetty's Blacksmithing skills earned him induction in the 2012 International Metal Design Annual in Germany. Fetty is only the sixth American to receive this honor. The artist has designed for clients such as former president Bill Clinton, the Elizabethan Globe Theatre, designer Yves Saint-Laurent, and musician Jon Bon Jovi. Despite his illustrious connections, Quiet Elements demonstrates Fetty's commitment to local communities. Furthermore, one of Fetty's sons is a professional biker, perhaps implicating a personal tie to this work. Quiet Elements is an apropos name for Fetty's piece, which eschews neither functionality, nor aesthetics.

Quiet Elements.

Red, Public space, City, Carmine

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