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In 2011, Ian Bode created The Passenger from steel. Bode uses this figure of the passenger extensively in his art and it has become a quintessential component of his work. "The keyhole-shaped figure you see in almost all of my work is called the Passenger. The faceless cartoon is a vacuum into which our identity and awareness can be filled in. They are very much a part of their world, but with the viewer in the emotive driver’s seat, much like a passenger."1 Bode often tends towards chaotic and vibrant mural scenes filled with small details, so this single three-dimensional sculpture is a rare isolation of the passenger emblem. Bode's attempts to establish a cohesive visual language have clearly been successful: he was named WV Artist of the Year by West Virginia Living Magazine.

The Passenger.

A purple silhouette of a cartoonish figure stands with arms raised.

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