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Mountain Scape Fence Weave was created in 2017 by artist Jack O'Hearn. O'Hearn was approached by the Charleston Area Alliance who asked him to propose a placemaking project that would enhance Leon Sullivan Way. Charleston Area Alliance focuses on building local community and economy. O'Hearn was a natural choice to execute a placemaking project thanks to his years of experience focusing on public art and community-based work. The project was funded by John and Fonda Elliot as well as a West Virginia Community Participation Grant. O'Hearn used colored fence tape to turn an entire block of chain-link fence with a stylized mountain landscape. The fence is part of a U.S. Post Office facility and faces a busy entry to downtown Charleston from Interstate 64. The tape, which is composed of low-density polyethylene, color pigments, and ultraviolet inhibitors, requires little maintenance and offers semi-permanent beautification. Mountain Scape Fence Weave is not intended to remain installed forever, though there is no planned removal date.

Artist Jack O'Hearns working on Mountain Scape Fence Weave in August 2017.

Neighbourhood, Asphalt, Road surface, Brick

A view of the completed work.

Road, Sky, Cloud, Road surface

O'Hearn in 2019, touching up the piece.

Mesh, Cap, Back, Wire fencing

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