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The Black History Museum of Corinth is located in a historic home that was donated to the city of Corinth in 1990. The small museum preserves the history of African Americans in Corinth. It features photographs, memorabilia, and artifacts on display. The museum emphasizes the role that religion and education have played in the lives of African Americans in the area. With the goal of preserving and displaying artifacts that depict the African American experience in Corinth, the museum keeps African American heritage alive for future generations.

  • The museum is located in the small house on Meigg Street.
The Black History Museum of Corinth seeks to preserve and display African American heritage in Corinth, Mississippi. The museum is housed in the historic home of William Dakota and Adrienne Combs Webb, which was donated to the city in 1990. Adrienne Combs Webb was the daughter of J. B. Combs, who was the principal of the Colored School. The home was at one point used as a shelter for families who had experienced losses or trauma. The home began its transformation into a museum in early 2003. Volunteers worked to refurbish the house and collect artifacts to display once the museum opened later that year.

The museum is dedicated to displaying the African American experience in Corinth, promoting historic properties and artifacts that are part of the African American heritage of the area. By telling the story of the African American experience in the area, the museum connects visitors today with the history of both Corinth and its inhabitants. Some of the museum's exhibits include religion, education, and civil rights. 

One of the six rooms in the house contains school memorabilia, with artifacts from both Easom High School and Corinth Colored High School. In the room used to house religious artifacts, items from various African American churches are displayed. There is a podium from City Road CME Church and deacon chairs from St. Mark Baptist Church which bear the names of important members.
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