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Reaching a height of 188.5 feet, the Threefoot Building is Meridian's tallest building and a fine example of Art Deco architecture. The 16-story building was constructed in 1929 by the Threefoot family, who operated a successful grocery store business. In terms of design, the building features a granite base, a brick exterior, and colorful terra cotta patterns. It was used as an office building for many years but as of early 2021 it is in the final stages of being converted into a Marriott Hotel. The building is included in the Meridian Multiple Resource Area, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Built in 1929, the Threefoot Building is the tallest structure in Meridian.

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The Threefoot family's roots in Lauderdale County date to the mid-1800s. They were descendants of German-Jewish immigrants who first lived in the town of Marion. The head of the family was Abraham Threefoot, who anglicized the family's German name, Dreyfuss, which in English means "three foot." Other Jewish families immigrated to the county as well. Not much information about the Threefoot family's early years is readily available but it appears that Abraham came to America with his brothers.

During the Civil War, Abraham made shoes for the Confederacy. After the war, they settled in Meridian and began to make saddles and harnesses. Some time after that, they opened their wholesale grocery store and eventually became cotton brokers as well. Two of Abraham's sons married into the Rothenberg family, who were prosperous as well, and the families merged their grocery businesses. The continued prosperity enabled the Threefoots, in particular Abraham's son, Sam, to build the Threefoot Building. It is located on the site of the family's former grocery business.

The reasons for why they erected the building, which was the tallest building in Mississippi at the time, are unclear. Presumably, it was a business investment to grow the family's wealth. However, this did not occur. The Great Depression began and the number of tenants in the building declined, which forced the family to spend a lot of money to maintain the building. As a result, they relinquished ownership. The building continued to be used as an office building for several decades but it became largely vacant in the 1970s and abandoned by the 1990s. It fell into disrepair as well. Efforts to convert it into a hotel in the mid-2000s fell through. In 2013, an organization called the Threefoot Preservation Society was established to start restoring the building. The culmination of this effort led to the building's current conversion into a Marriott hotel.

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