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North Carolina and the American Revolution: Battles and Skirmishes
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Weitzel's Mill Historical Marker is located at the intersection of North O. Henry Boulevard (U.S. 29) and Hicone Road, on the right, traveling north on North O. Henry Boulevard. The marker is located o a grassy strip between U.S. 29 and the northbound exit ramp to Hicone Road. The Battle of Weitzel's Mill was fought 6 March 1781 between General Nathaniel Greene's Continental army and militia and Banastre Tarleton's Loyalist troops in Guilford County. Greene, while awaiting additional troops, was looking to avoid Tarleton. Greene sent Williams and several hundred men to watch Lord Cornwallis' movements. Cornwallis realized Williams could be separated from Greene's army by the Reedy Ford Creek. Tarleton and about 1,200 men headed toward the mill. On 6 March, they tried to sneak up on Williams. After a short skirmish, the two groups headed toward the ford. Williams left Light Horse Harry Lee to bring up the rear, reaching the ford ahead of Tarleton. Williams made a stand at the crossing. Tarleton's first attempt to cross was repulsed; the second succeeded, leaving Williams to retreat.

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Weitzel's Mill,on%20North%20O%20Henry%20Boulevard.