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This Tour is a Thematic Tour or Heritage Trail.

A Tour of American Recording Studios from Coast to Coast

Created by Gavin Anderson on May 6th 2021, 9:27:35 pm.

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From New York to Los Angeles, the United States is home to some of the most well known and important music studios of the past century. This tour covers covers some of the most famous and influential recording studios in America who primarily focus on Rock, R&B, Country, and Blues. The tour begins in New York in the legendary Electric Lady Studios and travels to the Motor City of Detroit. Following the visit to the birth of Motown, the tour travels south where it visits the birthplace of rock and roll itself and the capital of country music. The tour concludes in the arguably coolest studio of all time: Sunset Sound Studios. Learning the histories of these legendary studios and the people who helped create the soundtracks of generation after generation can give better insight to the state of America during those times.