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Invisible Histories of Downtown Pittsburgh

Created by Nathan Wuertenberg on August 4th 2021, 10:21:11 pm.

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The history of a place isn’t always where you can see it. Indeed, the sites that came together to make up the world of the past are often moved, erased, or misplaced as time goes on. Sometimes this process is the result of sheer happenstance. At others it’s a deliberate effort to sideline marginalized communities in the historical narrative. Downtown Pittsburgh is no exception. Much of what made up the heart of the city in days gone by has disappeared. In the process, the connections between marginalized communities in the area and the center of the city have been erased and the fundamental role of those communities in Pittsburgh’s history has been obscured. Pittsburgh would not be the city it is today without the contributions of its Native, Black, immigrant, women, disabled, and LGBTQ+ residents. This tour highlights those contributions by traveling through Downtown Pittsburgh to historic sites that no longer exist, reminders of the experiences of marginalized Pittsburghers over the last several centuries. It also stops at the area’s multiple world-class museums and offers tourgoers an opportunity to grab a tasty frozen treat near the end of the tour at a favorite local eatery with some interesting history.