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Blair Footsteps

Created by Eric McLaughlin on August 8th 2021, 9:56:43 pm.

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This driving tour guides visitors along the "Blair Footsteps Centennial Interpretive Trail," six outdoor exhibit stations on the route of the 1921 miners' march to the Battle of Blair Mountain—the epic culmination of organized labor's decades-long fight for American freedoms in southern West Virginia, where 10,000 armed miners fought 3,000 deputies, State Police, and National Guardsmen along the ridges of the Boone-Logan County border. Each station is located near where these earthshaking events really happened a century ago. All-weather roadside displays include enlarged photographs and vivid text that bring to life some of what occurred at each stage of the march. The exhibits will be available to the public from August 30 to September 11. Cellular service can be limited for certain portions of the route, so downloading the tour as a PDF or printing a paper copy is recommended. Blair Footsteps is a project of the Preservation Alliance of West Virginia and is funded in part by a grant from the Coal Heritage Area Authority.