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Kansas City Missouri Women's Heritage Trail

Created by UMKC Digital and Public Humanities on November 15th 2021, 2:45:22 am.

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This trail was created in 2021 by students at the University of Missouri-Kansas City with the goal of connecting residents and visitors to the history and accomplishments of a some of Kansas City's most influential women. The trail includes many of the inductees to the Starr Women's Hall of Fame, as well as landmarks throughout the city that recognize the contributions of women. The trail was created thanks to the archival resources of the Kansas City Research Center, Missouri Valley Special Collections of the Kansas City Public Library, and LaBudde Special Collections at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. This trail is a living project, and students and faculty at UMKC will continue to add to the project in the years ahead in addition to creating trails for other parts of the Kansas City metro area. Suggestions for Kansas City landmarks that could be added to the trail can be sent to Dr. David Trowbridge in the Department of History.


Women's History