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Foggy Bottom Historic District Arts Walking Tour
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The etched metal surface of the free-form sculpture, "Nebulous" brightens I Street. Area artist Jeff Chyatte submitted this work for the "Human/Nature" themed Arts in Foggy Bottom Exhibition in 2021. The gracious curves of the sculpture attract us as the hazy surface of the metal distorts our reflection and the play of light. His work mirrors the subtle equilibrium found in nature. He explores the themes of balance, imbalance, and symmetry as he strives to understand human culture through discovery of the relationships between its basic components. Metallurgy and physics guide the artist's design and material choices as he seeks to communicate messages about strength, sustainability, and risk.

Interior cutout frames the homeowner's sentry dog

Plant, Wood, Musical instrument, Mammal

Brushed metal add texture and sense of motion to the sculpture's shape

Plant, Leaf, Botany, Art

Chyatte's "Elements" is comprised of three planes of 20 equilateral triangles. (Howard County Library Glenwood Branch)

Plant, Triangle, Tree, Shade

The artist at work - with sparks flying

Steelworker, Metalworking, Welding, Engineering

Jeff Chyatte is a Washington, D.C. native who began his artistic journey over 35 years ago. According to the artist, he gains inspiration from Da Vinci, Euclid and the great scientists who blurred the distinction between art, math and science by incorporating mathematically significant dimensions, such as the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio. Jeff also contributed his passion for math teaching at Montgomery College in Maryland as in the Biological and Chemical Services Department.

Chyatte has designed and fabricated a variety of works for private collectors, galleries, museums, commercial buildings and municipalities. In addition, his creations have been exhibited at Smithsonian affiliate Ann Marie Sculpture Park, National Airport, the Art Museum of the Americas on the National Mall, and the Watergate Hotel. Corporation acquired two works for their headquarters. Most recently, a large sculpture was installed at the entrance of Strathmore Metro Station in Bethesda, Maryland.

Arts in Foggy Bottom Exhibition, 2021 (see link below)

Chyatte website (see link below)

Howard County Arts Council, 2017 (see link below)

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