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Harry S Truman in Independence Missouri Walking Tour

Created by Madeline Thompson on May 4th 2022, 12:12:58 am.

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This walking tour includes stops at Independence landmarks related to the life of Harry S Truman, the 33rd President of the United States. While in office, Truman presided over the end of World War II and made efforts to use the power of the federal government to confront poverty and some of the most prevalent forms of racial discrimination. These domestic efforts were often overshadowed by foreign policy initiatives related to the start of the Cold War, including the decision to send troops to Korea and the Truman Doctrine which would shape foreign policy for 40 years. Long before he would take these actions, however, Harry Truman was a young man shaped by people and institutions in Independence, Missouri. This tour traces his humble beginnings and showcases the places and events that shaped his worldview. The tour offers the chance to enjoy a walk through Independence as you learn about the Truman family, Harry Truman's first occupations, and the lasting legacy of Truman's life in the community he called home. In addition to this tour which focusses on Independence, there are several Clio entries for other landmarks in the Kansas City metro related to Truman's life such as the Truman Family Farm in Grandview: