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Waukesha Springs Tour

Created by Nicki Ciurro on July 22nd 2022, 8:53:12 pm.

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From 1868 - 1914 Waukesha was renown for its naturally occurring mineral springs. Across the United States and Europe, water treatment or hydropathy had gained a significant following as an alternative medicine. Both cool and hot water mineral springs were improved in cities and towns across the country, building a new wellness tourism industry. Waukesha became a destination during the summer season, with southerners particularly attracted to the milder northern climate. In Waukesha a shallow aquifer fed the springs, providing a cool crisp mineral water noted for its effervescence (bubbly) quality when fresh. Dozens of companies bought property, some with naturally occurring springs, and others simply digging wells. From simple pavilion structures, dozens of sites were improved across the city. By the turn of the century large hotels and resorts attracted thousands of tourists annually. Spring sites featured bath houses, spas, walking paths and greens space for their clientele. They also sponsored grand balls, outdoor concerts, and parades. The city was transformed each summer with thousands of visitors arriving via train and carriage. Note- this tour was created by a local historian in 2022. After a few locals reached out asking why there were so many unfinished draft entries around the city, the historian who created Clio spent part of a Sunday afternoon placing those entries into this tour.