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Manitowish Waters Historic Kayak/Canoe Trip

Created by Jim Bokern on November 30th 2022, 4:51:54 pm.

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Enjoy both scenic beauty and rich history as you journey down the Manitowish River and travel through area lakes. This popular paddle route contains dozens of historic sites and unique destinations. Learn how the Manitowish River, Rest Lake Dam, and early pioneers shaped this neck of the Northwoods. From Indigenous communities like the Ojibwe to modern times, this historic route will surely make for a great trip with friends and family. The natural beauty and resources along this trip are equally amazing. Lakes, rapids, high timber, lowlands and meadow sedges greet the paddler, and provides diverse habitat for both flora and fauna. Naturalist John Bates lives along this route and has authored, The River: The Natural and Cultural Life of a Northern River Bates delivers impressive insights regarding this trip with exceptional writing and over 100 illustrations. We have included many entries in this Clio tour that may require more than one paddling trip. Do not fret, the river changes through the seasons and over the years. We suggest multiple trips along the Manitowish River to learn more fully, share with others and connect with our rich natural and historic heritages. Some of the sites and destinations are located on property private property. Private Property should be respected by all travelers.