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DuPont Historic Village Walking Tour
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The first homes in the town of DuPont were built in 1909 were for the manager and assistant manager at the entrance of the town. Both are 3 stories high and are currently private residences. 

DuPont Powderworks Manager's House

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After the DuPont Dynamite Plant was opened in 1909, the workers began construction of the town. The first house to be built was the plant managers house which stands at the entrance of the town. It is 3 stories high with a basement and sits on 2.5 acres of land. In the past there was a swimming pool in the backyard where the kids in the neighborhood would go to learned how to swim. The front porch ran across the whole front until one owner living there had a rug that didn’t fit in the living room, so he had the porch cut in half to expand the front room to accommodate the rug. In 1973 the house was set to be torn down, water had leaked from the third-floor bathroom to the ground floor and kids had thrown rocks through most of the windows. It wasn’t until the house was purchased by the Overmyer family that same year that it was saved. Please note that this is still a private residence. Please be considerate when observing.

On the same street as the manager’s house, Brandywine Ave, are the homes of those who were in mid-management at the DuPont Company. It was nicknamed “Silk-Stocking Road” for their ability to afford a nicer lifestyle. The Assistant Manager’s house located at 125 Barksdale Ave, also a private residence, is also 3 stories high with a pickleball court in the backyard. 

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