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DuPont Historic Village Walking Tour
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This building has gone through many changes in its over 100 years of history. It started out as a general store for the community. This was a favorite spot for many in the community for several years. It also served as DuPont’s city hall for a short period before becoming a community center.

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The current Community Center Building in the Historic Village was built in 1910 to be a store for the town of DuPont. It was called the Fisher Store and was run by Dr. Fisher and his son. It remained in business until 1924 when the Johnson Family purchased the store. Gunnar and Heinie Johnson had previously been running their store out of the nearby Bavarian Apartments for a few years prior.

Many people who lived in town have fond memories of the Johnson Brothers store, citing it as a place to talk with neighbors and discuss the latest gossip. The store carried housewares, hardware, and drugs. Later, a lunchroom, grocery, and post office were added on the store, making it even more of a community hub especially for kids who would go there to get comic books. The George Hanson Store and Restaurant were added in 1964 but by 1967 the whole building would be turned into apartments, ending an era for the community.

In 1979 it changed hands again, becoming a dormitory for the Evergreen Lutheran School. This lasted until 1989 when the city purchased the building to turn it into DuPont’s City Hall and Police Station. The police station would be moved up into the old post office by the 76 gas station. In 2009 the new Civic Center was built across Center Drive from the 1843 Fort Nisqually Site. This allowed the building to be used as DuPont’s Community Center which it remains today. The cupola on top of the roof was originally from Laughbon High School which was located at Barksdale Station. When it was being torn down in 1989 parts of it were moved to the Community Center. The front doors were originally the gym doors for the school and the half-circle window was above the front door to school.

The Community Center is located at 303 Barksdale Ave, the main street through the Historic Village. Along the street are multiple cherry trees that were initially planted in 1935. By 1975 many of the original trees had died so the Bicentennial Committee started a project to plant 70 new Japanese Flowering Cherry Trees. The new trees were planted on Valentines Day in 1976. In 2021 the DuPont Lions Club worked to plant new trees in the village. 

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