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The presbyterian church is the only church building in the city of DuPont. It was built in 1917 after a few years of fundraising by a group known as the King’s Daughters. In front of the church is a monument dedicated to each DuPont resident who served in World War 2. 

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The first church sessions held by residents of DuPont were held in the Factor’s house on the 1843 Fort Nisqually site starting in 1909. By 1914 there were 28 members of the church and during a meeting it was suggested that a building fund be started to construct an official church in DuPont. The women’s organization known as the King’s Daughters, a group formed in 1911 to aid the church and community, were instrumental in raising the money for the church. They had bake sales, bazaars, and strawberry socials to help raise money. By the fall of 1916, $4,809.06 was in the building fund and construction began. The DuPont Company donated the land for it to be built and helped with costs. On March 7, 1917, the first service in the Presbyterian Church was held.

In 1917, Camp Lewis was built due to WW1 and many soldiers at the camp would come to the church for service, earning it the nickname “Campside Church.” In front of the church is a stone monument that is dedicated to the 63 men and 5 women in DuPont who served in WW2. It was dedicated in 1945 and lists the names of those who served. The original wooden board with the names is in the DuPont Museum to preserve it. The church is still in service today and it remains the only church building in DuPont.

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