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DuPont Historic Village Walking Tour
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This was the first sanctioned park in DuPont, being opened in 1981. This is one of the largest parks in DuPont and has been a gathering place for the community. Sellers Lake lies in the park.

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Sellers Park was the first official park in DuPont, being officially created in 1981 by Mayor Pola Andre and her mayoral taskforce. The name Sellers Park comes from the nearby Sellers Lake which was named by the United States Geological Survey in the 1930s when the surveyed the land in and around DuPont. Hoffman Hills, Bell Hill and Sellers Lake were some of the locations named after military generals. People in the Historic Village wanted to call it DuPont Village Park which became its other name. In the past kids would make rafts to go out onto the lake in the summer and ice skate in the winter. Today, events are regularly held by residents of DuPont inside the park's pavilion.

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